National Guard sponsors stunt bike show at Patterson

(Photo: Brandon Diaz, Patterson Press)

By Tanya Diaz,

Members of the National Guard came to Patterson High School’s gym on Friday, October 4th to entertain our Patterson students, making incredible jumps and tricks and other unimaginable stuff with their BMX bicycles. The event was called “Bring Your Game to School” and it featured three stunt riders: Andrew (26 years old), Corry (24 years old) and Erick (17 years old).

The Patterson Press had a chance to speak to these athletes after the show. Here are some of the questions we asked them and their responses:

Patterson Press: What is the purpose of this event?

Corry: The purpose of this event is to make people be more interested in the National Guard and this kind of sport.

Patterson Press: How many years do you have practicing this sport?

Erick: Well, I probably have like four years.

Patterson Press: Why did you start practicing it?

Erick: I think I felt attracted to and impressed by this sport, so I start practicing and getting better each day.

Patterson Press: Do you recommend this sport to others?

Andrew: If you want to challenge yourself and if you want to get skills, I will say, of course, do it.

(Photo: Brandon Diaz, Patterson Press)

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