Patterson launches anti-violence campaign

Students model clothing in a peace-themed fashion show (Photo: Mr. Canty)

By TyShawn Key,

It started with a bang. Punches were thrown, mace was sprayed and cameras were rolling. Television sets everywhere all over the city were tuned in to see the set of malicious brawls going on at Patterson High School. A school once known for its success with career pathways and production of superb athletes is now being depicted by the mass media for its “jaw dropping” fights. What happened? Where did things go wrong? Did things go wrong? Does this article really represent Patterson?

The media has this picture of Patterson colored in with the dirt found around the outskirts of the boundaries of our school, only showing a certain aspect of it. They’ve taken one extreme incident, and exploited it to make it seem as if this type of thing is a norm for our school. The media has attacked us, but will anyone respond? Is there one who has the gall or can muster the courage to take a stand for our school–for our Patterson family?

Our response is a new campaign called Patterson for Peace. Designed by Mrs. Shanell England, Patterson’s Community Outreach Coordinator, Patterson for Peace was created to reduce the level of violence in our school. The campaign was created because of fights like the one mentioned above. Mrs. England wants to change the community’s perspective of Patterson High School. She wants to show them what Patterson is really about. Patterson for Peace is calling for a full month without any fights at the school. The ultimate goal of this thirty day period of peace is to completely change the vibe of Patterson.

No longer will Patterson be known for its fights. Soon it will hopefully be known for its unity, peace, sports career pathways and other positive accomplishments. Under Mrs. England’s leadership, Patterson for Peace has already partnered with several outside businesses and organizations that have agreed to aid its efforts. Mrs. England understands some of the problems being concealed in the children of today, and knows the struggles of not having enough resources to solve these problems. Her ultimate goal is to reduce this problem. No longer should there be a “I don’t have” response  if there is ever a need in the mouth of Patterson 500 Family member. Mrs. England ultimately wishes to evoke, or rather resurrect, the spirit of brotherhood at Patterson, making it an even better place.

Most recently the Patterson for Peace organization presented the school with a fashion show where gorgeous student models graced the student body with their best expressions of peace through fashion, strutting their stuff, and making swag the ultimate understatement. Also, students have been creating many beautiful works of art promoting the message of peace. Some of this artwork can already be seen decorating the hallways. According to Mrs. England, this is just the tip of the iceberg, meaning that the best has yet to come. Patterson for Peace has promised to provide even more exhilarating events and jaw dropping experiences, along with many other character and confidence building activities.

Mrs. England would like to make a shout out to all of the beautiful models and everyone else who has volunteered their time, and the Patterson 500 family for keeping up with her. She looks forward to further engagement with the students, faculty and staff and sends her best regards to the Patterson 500 family. Anyone who wishes to take the Pledge for Peace or get involved with the campaign should see Mrs. England for more information.

(Photo: Mr. Canty)

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