Moving Along (OPINION)

By TyShawn Key

“Stay focused. Everything you do this year WILL affect you in the near future.”-Mia Bean (Senior)



“Keep up your grades. Aim for grades higher than 60. 

-Kiyoun Grisson


“Think ahead of time.” 

-Mia Bean (Senior)


“Enjoy your high school experience! Hopefully it will only come once!” 

-Kiyoun Grisson


The school year is finally on its way. The classes have started, schedules are comfortable, and the lunch is disgusting. It’s officially begun. Are you ready? Are you really ready? For most this is the year of regrets, the time someone does something to mess themselves up. Many have claimed this to be the product of innocent ignorance and pure misguidance. Every year there are some that struggle and some that excel; some that climb, and some that fall; some that rise to the occasion, and some that get lost on the way. You get my drift. Here is some advice from us here at the Patterson Press, and from various members of the Patterson “500” Family.


Freshmen, this is your first year in high school; the year of GPAs, the year of HSAs,  the year of “if only I would have”, and the year of “damn, I should have”. This is a big step for you. It’s not the year of make or break, but it is most definitely the year of play or shape.

Now is your time to decide how you want the rest of your high school career to be. Many people use this time to capitalize on their academics. Some people use this time to play around and make new friends. Then there are few people who find the balance between the two and get the best of both worlds. Aim to be the elite of the three. Talk to your friends, test the waters, but get your work done. Get that GPA as high as you cans so it won’t be as much of a hassle in years to come. (If you’re shooting for a 60, then aim higher!) It’s easier to fall down a hill than it is to climb up one. Start off strong so you’ll have a little more leeway when you become upperclassmen.


Sophomores, this is your time to kind of just swing in the wind, master the ropes, prep for next year. You guys are in what I like to call the neutral zone of high school: no obligations, no prom fees, no class dues. This is chill time. This is the year for you to try out the clubs, play different sports and connect with your counselors, while still getting your work done. This is your chill year–take advantage of it. Talk to your counselors to see if you qualify for any of the programs that are linked in with our school if they don’t get to you first, or haven’t gotten to you already. Also, don’t play games with your future. Patterson is a pathway school. That, means that if you know that you want to join the army you should schedule in ROTC. If you know that you want to be a teacher you should most definitely hit up Ms. Greene’s class. If you know you want to hoop, join the team. If you know you want to write, join the Press! It is never too late to start on your dreams. Use your school to help make it happen.


Juniors, you have one year left. Time to start thinking about colleges, looking for scholarships, perfecting your SAT scores and building your resumes. This is probably the most important year in high school. Colleges start mailing, your SAT scores starts to matter, GPA starts to take its toll (be it good or bad), scouts from all around start summoning your presence. Really quickly you’ll start to see how fond military recruiters are of you. Start enacting your plans now. If you want to go to college, start looking for scholarships. If you want to join the Army, start practicing for the ASVAP. If you are building your own business, start planning your budget and marketing. Start tying up the loose ends from last year. Start enacting your plans for the future.


Seniors, congratulations! We made it! No longer are we the first-time bus riders who had to follow our friend home the first week of school or ask directions to room number such and such. We are now the seniors of Patterson High. We now know all we need to know about our school, and exactly what to do to get what we need. Like the freshmen, this too is a big year for us. It’s time for college applications, job interviews for many, FAFSA, turning eighteen for some, and turning up for all. There’s not much time left for us; this is the last year. The only things we can do are finish strong and help those behind us. For those of us who have Twilight, it’s time to get it done. For those of us who owe dues, it’s time to get them paid. For those of us who play sports, it’s time to bring home those trophies. This is it. Time to go out with a bang. Make sure to take care of all your obligations so you can enjoy (hopefully) your last year in high school.

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