Gone With the Wind (OPINION)

(Image: Seattle Public Schools)

By Anthony Ward

If you are a senior, you are one of two types of people right now. Either you are the one planning ahead for your next chapter once out of high school or you are the one gazing back on unfixable mistakes with blissful nostalgia trying to find some sort of closure with high school and being a child all over.

Why? Maybe because being entitled as a high school senior is like being an old woman or man being diagnosed with one week to live. Plus, with the constant reminders that the senior year will go “like that” (said by the Principal, Vance Benton) you’ll begin to cling to what is familiar, including teachers (the ones you have known for more than two years); friends (those who have actually been there till the end), and office staff who can tell you have come so far from being a rowdy ninth grader by the number of times in and out of their office.

But there are also perks as well (and no, not the senior discount at IHOP or Denny’s). Because everything is oozing finality it can push a student to open up and possibly participate in as many events as possible. These events include joining the band with Mr. Gagne in the singing club, throwing on some gloves with Ms. Diehl in the Cooking Club, or even getting political with Ms. Brett in the SGA. Like the end of 1999, it’s the end of an era. But whether you were the bad-turned-good-student or the perfect-at-being-bad student you can take this short school year in and embrace it as if it were your last, because we will all soon be gone with he wind.

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