Award-winning writer/film-maker M.K. Asante speaks to Patterson students

M.K. Asante in Philadelphia (Photo by Lee Steffen — courtesy of

“Amazing!” Those were the words of Ms. Kimberly McIntosh, Professional School Counselor from Patterson High School, as she described the presentation from Baltimore City Community College’s Fall Speaker Series. Ms. McIntosh and several Patterson students were fortunate enough to attend the event (which took place on Wednesday, September 25 in the auditorium) and listen to M.K. Asante, a modern author, film-maker and now, hip-hop artist.

CNN describes Mr. Asante as “a master story-teller and major creative force.” Mr. Asante has written four celebrated books, including Buck: A Memoir. He is the winner of the Langston Hughes Award. Asante directed The Black Candle, a Starz movie he co-wrote with Maya Angelou who also narrates the prize-winning film. He wrote and produced the film 500 Years Later, winner of five international film festival awards, and produced the multi award-winning film Motherland.

For the presentation, M.K. Asante spoke candidly about his life, family, and experiences. He read excerpts from his book, particularly focusing on the turning points that contributed to his decision to leave the destructive road he was on and to pursue a positive road which has made him who he is today. By the time M.K. got going, no one was slouching in their seats or checking their cell phones. All were listening intently to his story on the edges of their seats.

By the end, Patterson students were reaching for his latest book.  They were thankful for the opportunity to be inspired by this amazing young writer.

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