With help from the Ravens, Patterson plants trees on Earth Day

Students plant a new tree outside Patterson High School (Photo: Brennan Meeks, Patterson Press)

By Brennan Meeks

Patterson students and staff members were joined by the  Baltimore Ravens and the Parks and People Foundation as they planted trees in front of the school on April 22. By getting their hands dirty, students helped to make the school more beautiful and also improved the environment. This event is the way Patterson celebrated Earth Day, which takes place at this time every year.

“The trees are helpful to the environment in many ways. They help prevent the storm water runoff, and they help clean the air we breathe. They’re beautiful,” said Parks and People Foundation spokesman Dennis Sykes.

“I like it because it doesn’t usually look so pretty, and these are nice, pretty colors and everything. They’re making our school pretty,” said 10th-grade student Shahara Tatum.

The new trees will help Patterson become a more green school. This has been the first time in many years that Patterson students helped to plant trees on the campus.

Several members of the Baltimore Ravens football team along with environmentalists and other Baltimore residents came out to support us on Earth Day. “For every sack the Ravens got during the season, we would plant a tree. So, at the end of the year, we had 37 sacks, and we had 37 trees to plant,”  said Ravens, spokeswoman Emily Scerba.

“We want to be more concerned with the environment, and here in Baltimore, we want to help with building the watersheds,” Chen said.

(Photos: Brennan Meeks, Patterson Press)

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