The View from the Hall: An Interview with Hall Monitor Michael Key

Michael Key, Patterson’s new hall monitor (Photo: Jevaughn Taylor, Patterson Press)

Interview by Jevaughn Taylor

This interview with Michael Key, a new hall monitor at Patterson High School this school year, occurred in September, 2012.

Patterson Press: Why did you come to Patterson High School? 

Michael Key: I came to Patterson to work with youths and keep them from making the same mistakes  I made in life.

Patterson Press: How long do you intend to work at Patterson?

Michael Key: I intend to work here  as long as Mr. Benton and the other members of  the staff allow me to.

Patterson Press: Do you think that you can change  all the wrongs that are going on in school? 

Michael Key: I don’t think I can do it by myself, but with the the help of staff and teachers, everything is possible.  I also have a strong commitment to students and teenagers.

Patterson Press: What do you think about this school so far?  

Michael Key: This is a very good school because it is very diverse and you get chances to meet people from different cultures. I also wish this school had more life skills classes to teach young boys to grow into men and young girls to grow into ladies to become more versatile in society.

Patterson Press: On a scale of one to ten how would you rate this school? 

Michael Key: I personally would rate this school by giving it a nine because it is a very good school.

Patterson Press: Why do you think resource officers are important to us?

Michael Key: Resource officers are here to make this a safer place for teachers and students, to make sure  no one tries to sneak in the building to hurt us, and everything we do is for the students and teachers benefit.

Patterson Press: What do you think about Mr. Benton? 

Michael Key: Well, he is a good  Principal  and the only thing we need around here is more hall sweeps.  We have a lot of hall walkers and they should be controlled.   Besides that, everything else is OK around here.

The Patterson Press would like to thank Mr. Key for his time and wish him luck in his new position.

One comment

  • i ask you this, why come to school if you do not go to class, participate, advance yourself and value education? THIS IS SCHOOL, not your personal playground!


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