Food Review: Salad Bar

The new salad bar gives students more options and a chance to eat healthier (Photo: Clinton Adams, Patterson Press)

By Brennan Meeks

Recently, I tried out the new salad bar that is located in Patterson’s cafeteria. After standing in line for a long time, I realized that we need to do something to make sure that students get served more quickly. We have choices in the salad bar such as chicken and regular salad and also we have tuna sandwiches and fruit and vegetables.

I tried some lettuce with ranch dressing. The lettuce tasted fresh and the dressing was good. I was impressed with the quality of the food.

This is a good start, but I can think of a couple improvements that could make the salad bar even better. For one thing, hiring more servers and having two lines instead of one would help make sure that everyone has a chance to get a salad with plenty of time left to eat it. Also, it would be nice to add more choices of toppings for the salad like other vegetables, feta cheese, and more flavors of dressing.

So far, our salad bar is helping our school to become one of the healthiest schools in the nation. For everyone who gets free lunch, the salad bar is free for you too. People who pay for lunch have to pay to get salad but it is the same price as the regular lunch. I would like to thank Ms Diehl and the Health Corps for bringing us a healthier option for our school lunch.

(Photo: Clinton Adams, Patterson Press)

(Photo: Clinton Adams, Patterson Press)

(Photo: Clinton Adams, Patterson Press)

(Photo: Clinton Adams, Patterson Press)

One comment

  • i know that salad bar has been a long time in the making- you should thank last year’s student government for pushing for it and the help of mr. gilman (behind the scene) for all his help.
    now patterson students can REALLY “eat fresh”


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