New salad bar coming to Patterson

By Brennan Meeks

Patterson is getting a new salad bar for our students, staff and teachers during the week of October 15th-19th . The salad bar will be located in the cafeteria and will be open during lunch period only. Some students think it is a good idea to put a salad bar in the school because it can really help the students stay focused and on task. The salad bar will provide students with a way to eat healthy, gain energy, and get educated. There will be different types of salads to choose from so everyone can enjoy something they like. The salad bar will help our school improve and become healthier.

This is the first year that Patterson has installed a salad bar in the school cafeteria. If you have any questions about the salad bar, please see Ms. Diehl in the Health Corps room (across from the gym) for more information.

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