Principal Benton reveals his plans for the new year

Principal Vance Benton

Mr. Vance Benton, Principal of Patterson High School (Photo: Brenden Williams, Patterson Press)

Interview by Jevaughn Taylor

The Patterson Press sat down with Principal Vance Benton to discuss some of the recent changes that have been made to the school and to keep up to date about more changes that are being planned for the 2012-2013 school year.

Patterson Press: What are your plans for the 2012-2013 school year?

Mr. Benton: To continue to improve student behavior and culture and implement meaningful change, especially to shape students’ lives and to strive  to be one of the top 5oo schools across the country.

Patterson Press: How do you feel about the changes you have made?

Mr Benton:  It feels good. I’m not satisfied with how things are right now but I am confident that we are moving in the right direction.

Patterson Press: How do you feel about feel about the students?

Mr Benton: Some students want this to be an ordinary school but i want it to be an extraordinary school for us. Fights are not acceptable in our school. We don’t let our circumstances shape us! We shape our circumstances.

Patterson Press: Can you share some of the future plans you have for the the school with us, if you don’t mind?

Mr Benton: Our day care should be up and running soon as well as our salad bar and QBA [in-school suspension].

Patterson Press: Some students think that with all the hall monitors, police officers, and resource officers in the school, they are being treated like criminals. What do you think about that?

Mr Benton: You’ve got some students who don’t come to school on time, either in class on time, don’t stay in class, and they steal and rob the other students,  teachers and other staff members who are trying to help them. We need more [officers] in the building, and I am sick and tired of seeing poor students that don’t have an education.

Patterson Press: Can you just give a small word of advice to the students?

Mr Benton: Students need to know how to decipher what’s good and what’s bad. If our students don’t start turning off that music and that television, they are going to self -destruct.

The Patterson Press would like to thank Mr. Benton for his time.

One comment

  • interesting….hmmm-i think he means that students need to look around and see their place in life, instead of where life’s going to place them. now that’s a journey! get out there and see it! bigger than your street corner and bigger than an ad on tv! and please always works better that f…you. we are all a big, global team, so the sooner you realize it the better we will all be
    glad to see the press alive!
    best to all- ms. broere


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