Patterson student to visit Africa

Ambar Laboy (Photo: Patterson Press)

Interview by Tekleweyni Asfaha

Patterson student Ambar Laboy has been granted a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend three weeks in Africa this summer as part of a cultural exchange program called “Black to Our Roots”. The Patterson Press sat down with Ambar to discuss her upcoming trip and what she hopes to gain from the experience.

Patterson Press : Why do you want to go to Africa?

Ambar Laboy: I would love to go to Africa to get out of my comfort zone and explore.

PP: How did you learn about the opportunity to go on this trip and how did you get accepted to the program?

AL: I learned  about this opporitunity in school and and  I went to the program meetings and  workshops.

PP: When will you go to Africa and for how long?

AL: This summer for three weeks.

PP: Where will you go in Africa?

AL: Ethiopia and Ghana

PP: What will you do there?

AL: I will learn about their culture and traditions.

PP: How do you think you think you will feel when you go to Africa?

AL: I will probably feel nervous and uncomfortable at first  but after a while I will feel comfortable.

PP: How do you think this trip will change you?

AL: It will change the way I look at the world.

PP: Do you have any relatives  in Africa?

AL: No.

PP: In what ways do you think African cultures are different from your culture?

AL: [As a Puerto Rican] I really don’t think there a difference; Probably there is a difference between African or Puerto Rican culture and American culture.

PP: Have you heard any statements about what Africans are like, and if so, do you believe these statements to be true?

AL: Yes, people  have to told me that Africa is really hot with a lot of animals and all poor people, etc. I don’t believe that’s true. I have to see to believe.

PP: Have you ever heard people talking  badly about Africa?

AL: Yes, I have heard people talking  badly about Africa but I really believe that it is all lies.

The Patterson Press thanks Ambar for her time and wishes her the best of luck on her upcoming trip to Africa.

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