Patterson Students Compete in State Bocce Championship


A Patterson student competes in the state bocce tournament (Photo: Ms. Mahoney)

By Ms. Mahoney

Bocce ball is a sport which originated in Italy, although many other nations play it as well. In bocce ball, sometimes called lawn bowling, players toss balls at a smaller target (the polinio), within the confines of a large court. The game is popular throughout Europe and in areas where there is a high concentration of Italian immigrants, including the United States.

This year Patterson High School had the opportunity to participate in its first ever bocce team. The bocce team had a superb first season. They had the opportunity to participate in the state championship in Hagerstown, Maryland.

The team worked its way through the brackets for a chance to play for the gold medal. The team played NAF another Baltimore City school in the Championship game for the gold. Patterson earned a silver medal, second place to represent Baltimore City Schools in the state of Maryland. This was an exciting first season. Thanks to the following team members for their hard work, dedication, and courage to step up and learn an unfamiliar sport at Patterson. Your courage is recognized and appreciated. Thanks for a great season, Roderick Greene, Xavia King, Denver Taylor and Toni Purcell!

Patterson's Bocce Team (Photo: Ms. Mahoney)

Patterson's bocce team (Photo: Ms. Mahoney)

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