New group at Patterson will tackle issues facing homeless students

By Deyanna Bell, Patterson Press staff writer

A new group is forming at Patterson High School to support the rights of homeless students. The group, called On Our Own Together, also teaches people what homelessness is really like. According to the group’s spokesperson, attorney Monisha Cherayil, being homeless doe not necessarily mean you have to be living on the street. If you and your family are crashing at someone else’s house or living or in your car, you are still considered homeless and are entitled to certain rights and support.

On Our Own Together is being organized by school-based social workers and legal advocates from a public justice center. The program can help homeless students get the resources and services they need. The program educates people who are and are not homeless. On Our Own Together also helps children and young adults enroll in school and tells them how they can get free healthcare, clothing and other support. On  Our Own Together is a program that empowers and provides information while helping to keep young people off the streets. They also plan to organize fun social events like movie nights.

The group plans to have their first student meeting on Thursday, March 22nd at 2:00 PM in the Media Center. This meeting is not only for homeless students but also for any other students who want to support their homeless classmates and raise awareness about the issue of homelessness in Baltimore. All students and staff are encouraged to attend.

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