OPINION: College education should be free

The dream of a college education seems out of reach to many Americans. But what if college was free? (Photo: nyc.gov)

By Deanna Bell, Patterson Press staff writer

Do you know anyone who never had the opportunity to go to college because it was too expensive? Unfortunately, this is the reality for millions of Americans for whom the dream of a college degree seems hopelessly out of reach. But what if college was free? I personally think that college education should be subsidized in the United States.

I believe that  people who want to further their education should be able to, even if they are from middle or lower class backgrounds and cannot afford the expenses. There are many countries that  provide free education at the university level. In these countries, the cost of college education is paid for by taxes or charitable organizations. There are hundreds of free colleges and universities around the world. Many of these colleges even offer online degrees.

If the United States chose to subsidize college education, the American people would benefit from having a better educated population. More people would have access to higher paying jobs and better insurance. Unemployment would go down, saving the government money on unemployment benefits and other expenses. Some statistics show that people with college degrees tend to smoke less and live healthier lifestyles. These are just a few reasons why the U.S. government should make higher education free.

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