Patterson Launches Recycling Program


Students pick up paper bags to begin their weekly recycling collection (Photo: Whitney Jones, Patterson Press)

By Ms. Loring

Paper recycling at Patterson is going strong!  Each Thursday, after school, students gather in various rooms in the building to get their marching orders.  They scour the school for full paper recycling bags, drag them down to the loading dock, and get service learning hours in the process.  PHS recently entered a City competition and, though we didn’t fare well, we should take comfort in the enthusiasm and participation from students and staff.  Next time we will do better!  If you would like to participate – please see the following teachers in these academies:  Ms. Sohn – Business, Ms. Franklin – Arts, Ms. John – Transportation, Mr. Buckless – Health and Ms. Loring – Success.  Be a part of greening Patterson!


(Photo: Whitney Jones, Patterson Press)

(Photo: Whitney Jones, Patterson Press)



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