Twilight: a hard lesson with even harder consequences

By Jakai Hunter, Patterson Press staff writer

In public high schools across the country there is a program called Twilight. It’s really like night school but on the internet. Now, normally if you’re doing Twilight, that means one of two things: Either you had a class and failed it or the class could not fit into your schedule and you are forced to take it in Twilight.

In a way, students are fortunate to have Twilight because otherwise some of them would not be graduating. The price of Twilight and the hours during which you are required to work on the program can prevent you from finishing or even starting it. Managing your time will be your number one priority when it comes to doing Twilight, but some students do not even bother to sign up for Twilight, not because they are in one of the situations I mentioned earlier but because they simply refuse to do it. Little do they know, it will soon become a decision they deeply regret.

As many students know, if seniors who fail to complete Twilight can not participate in any senior activities and cannot graduate from high school until the course or courses they are required to pass are completed. If you have been informed that you need to take Twilight, my advice is to take it seriously and get it done as soon as possible so you can move ahead with your life.

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