Nail Tech students visit day spa

On November 4, Ms. Bridgeforth’s Nail Technology class went on a field trip to the Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge in Silver Spring, Maryland to learn how a professional day spa operates. What follows are reports from two of the students who participated in the trip.

The trip to Maise Dunbar Spa Lounge

By Shakeira Cooper

The trip was a beautiful and wonderful experience for me. I had fun with my teacher, Ms. Bridgeforth, Ms. Rhue and my classmates, Jazmine, Diamen and Lavern. Ms. Dunbar [the owner of the day spa] is a very nice, intelligent and caring woman. She loves what she does and so do her fellow workers, Ms. Michelle and Ms. Humaira. They are very respectful, nice and talented women also. They are very good at what they do. For example, Ms. Humaira is very good at arching people’s eyebrows with wax and thread. I had the experience of getting my eyebrows threaded by Ms. Humaira. That was an experience I had never had in my life, but it was a good one. I loved the look of the outcome.  I can definitely see myself doing that again. Yes, it hurts, but not as much as I expected, especially considering that it was my first time getting that.

After I was done, Ms. Dunbar shared some of her knowledge and wisdom to the Patterson students before she went to go service a client. Then Ms. Michelle did a makeup session with Diamond and myself that was fun and I looked so different I couldn’t believe it was me. Even my classmates and my teacher loved the look. Two of my classmates and my teacher had gotten henna on there hands and it looked very pretty and detailed. Before we all were on our way out of the door we had another demonstration from Ms. Dunbar. She showed us a pedicure with a paraffin wax demonstration.

Then we all said our “see you later”s and Ms. Dunbar was so pleased with our appearance and conduct that she invited us back to a little get-together with her on November 20th as V.I.Ps and to assist her. We are very pleased and we all nicely said yes and thank you.

The Trip To The Day Spa

By Diamen Jones

My trip to the Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge was interesting. Once we arrived, we got to see Ms. Dunbar actually performing services (manicure). While Ms. Dunbar was doing the services, Ms. Michelle gave us a tour around the spa and showed us different areas. After the tour, Ms. Humaira gave out services. She threaded my eyebrows, and the eyebrows of my classmate Shakeira Cooper, my teacher Ms. Bridgeforth, and the work-based learning coordinator, Ms. Rhue.

Ms. Humaira also applied henna to Ms. Bridgeforth, Ms. Rhue and two of my classmates–Laverne Black and Jasmine Ward. Ms. Michelle also performed makeup services on me, Shakeira & Ms. Rhue. After our services were finished, Ms.Dunbar spoke to us about how failure was not an option. She also invited us back to a V.I.P. reception on November 20th.

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