Patterson teacher creates street art for the community

Ms. Broere creating her painted crosswalk (Photo: Ms. Monica Broere)

By Mengfei Chen, Patterson Press staff writer

Patterson art teacher Ms. Monica Broere recently created public art for the Highlandtown neighborhood, by painting a scene on the crosswalk  of Eastern Ave and Conkling Steet. Ms. Broere was invited by a group of  professional artists invited her to make this fresh and amazing work of art. That is the first time that she has painted a street. She was excited to do this because she saw it as an opportunity to bring people together in the community.

“The reason I chose that particular image is because painted window screens are a traditional art-form in Baltimore and it began right in East Baltimore”, Ms Broere told the Patterson Press. Even though it is no longer common  to see this type of art in East Baltimore, it is even more rare outside of  this area. Ms. Broere’s excitement about the project is evident when she speaks about it.

The picture she painted is of a home and trees. Those natural and warm images really bring viewers back to the period before air conditioning, when  people had more connection with each other. With the rapid development of  society today, it is easy for us to lose our most important relationships. We should work harder to build a stronger sense of community with our neighbors. Ms. Broere’s artwork helps to accomplish that, encouraging strangers to talk to each other about the new artwork as they pass each other on the street.

Ms. Broere said that she would like to do something like this again in the future, possibly around Patterson High School. She may ask students for their opinions and try to create the  picture on the paper first. We hope this day is coming soon!

Before (Photo: Ms. Monica Broere)

After (Photo: Ms. Monica Broere)

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