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Syncere Harris: Scholar-Athlete

Syncere Harris excels both on and off the track. Photo: Amadou Bah, Patterson Press)

Syncere Harris excels both on and off the track. (Photo: Amadou Bah, Patterson Press)

By Amadou Bah,

Syncere Harris is an 11th grader, an honor roll student, and a track team member who has been doing indoor and outdoor track for 1-2 years at Patterson High School.

He started doing track in middle school but stopped because his heart wasn’t in it. When he got to Patterson, he was more involved in his 10th grade year and became interested in track again. What motivated him to start doing track again is his love for running. When he was little, he ran a lot for fun. Eventually, he started running every day.

The track events Harris participates in include the 100 meter, 200 meter, 4 x 200 meter relay, and the 4 x 100 meter relay. Track is one of his favorite sports and he is thinking about doing this in his future and for college. He always come in 1st or 2nd place. Recently he won 1st place at Mervo in the 100 and 200 meter races.

Harris excels off the track field too. He is currently taking a digital electronics class with Ms. Ball. “He’s always busy because Coach Smith comes and gets him for a track meeting for two minutes but he comes back in 30 minutes,” said Ms. Ball. He does get his work done though, and he is passing her class with an “A”. He is an active learner. He answers all the questions and goes up to the board to impress everyone with his skills.

Overall, Syncere Harris puts education first, then sports. He makes sure he is passing all of his classes. If he is failing or doesn’t understand what he’s doing, he stays after school for coach class. He is very intelligent and self-motivated, a great role model for other Patterson students to follow.

Softball team having “best season ever”

The Patterson Lady Clippers softball team (Photo: Ms. Mahoney)

The Patterson Lady Clippers softball team (Photo: Ms. Mahoney)

By Alvaro Flores-Villegas,

The varsity girls softball team is still continuing their dominance against all the other Baltimore City schools in the 2016-17 school year, resulting in a 13-2 record for the season so far.


The softball team suffered a loss against Benjamin Franklin on April 18th with a final score of 11-18, ending their undefeated streak. But they did not let that affect how they played, because soon after that loss, Patterson won several complete blowouts, including a 20-5 win over Lake Clifton and a 26-0 win over FAET.

“It’s our best season ever!”, declared Coach Mahoney.

These victories wouldn’t have been possible without the softball team’s hard work. According to Coach Mahoney, the team practices daily. They complete several drills use a pitching machine and they scrimmage during practice.

Four seniors on the team are graduating this year: Morgan, Naydean, Justist and Damanique. “We are sad but wish them the best in their future plans.”, Ms. Mahoney said.

Patterson wins state championship

Coach Martin and the basketball team celebrating their State Championship win (Photo: Patterson High School)

By Christian Pietrowski

and Lionell Green

Patterson’s varsity boys basketball team defeated Century High School on March 11th in the Division 2A State Championship. It was a hard-fought game and our own Patterson Clippers came out strong with the win. With a final score of 49-43, the Clippers finish the season with the 2A championship title.

The whole season has been hard but the Clippers fought their way through and put their heart into the game to win the championship. Century High School was winning with six minutes to go until Patterson stepped up their game up to win the State Championship.

“You come down here and they don’t give away state championships,” Coach Martin said. “It’s not easy. You have to battle and fight. We battled and did enough.”

The Patterson basketball team made nine free throws in the last 1:38 to secure the title and Gerard Mungo hit six of them.

Darrion Pitts, a Junior on the basketball team said ” It felt amazing to win the State Championship. Its great to be known as a person that won. The hard work, practices and close games [all paid off].”

Pitts described how the team felt during the game. “Every game we took it step by step, getting inches closer to it and when we where playing the game, looking at the scoreboard every time making sure we had the lead was like [having] a heart attack. When the clock struck zero, joy, happiness and excitement just spread to the floor. Getting that gold medal, taking the picture with my team, holding up the state title, is a memory and forever will be a memory.”

Always put your heart into everything you do. That’s what the Patterson basketball team did to win the State Championship.

The team roster consists of

#        Name                   Position   Grade

1 Daesean Jones Guard So.
2 Harrison Brandon Guard Sr.
3 Marvin Price (C) Guard So.
5 Gerard Mungo Guard So.
12 John Thomas Guard Sr.
15 Rico Lang Forward Fr.
20 Byron Easter Wing So.
23 Christion Adams Forward Sr.
24 Isaiah Clemons (C) Guard Sr.
30 Darrion Pitts Forward Jr.


Lacrosse team defeats Reginald Lewis 6-1

By Alvaro Flores-Villegas

The varsity boys Lacrosse team defeated Reginald Lewis High School on March 30, 2017 with a final score of 6-1, achieving their first win of the season. The goals scored against Reginald Lewis were made by John Thomas with three goals, Alvaro Flores-Villegas with one goal, Jonathan Amaya with one goal, and Antonio Laster with one goal. During the game, there was an altercation between a player from Patterson and a player from Reginald, but ultimately, the Clippers helped focus their teammate, and motivated him to keep playing, resulting in a win. The team fought their hearts out and worked hard to get their win. Hopefully there will be more wins in the near future, and Patterson will finally have a successful season and bring home a City Championship.

Patterson’s newly formed baseball team

By Christian Pietrowski,

The Patterson baseball team is off to its best start in years.

We started off with eight wins and three losses. The losses were really close games. The losses came from Baltimore City College twice and Dunbar once. The wins came against Mervo twice, Douglass, Digital, FAET, Edmonson West Side, Southwestern and New Era.

This season has been amazing. We have a team that has a lot of potential. There are two new coaches to the baseball team: Coach Martin and Coach Funk. They have been a great contribution to Patterson’s baseball team. The players all help each other to succeed. The Patterson baseball team helped improve the field to better its condition so we can actually play on it. Every player on the team contributes one way or another. The weather for this season has not been at its best with games being cancelled and having to practice inside, but the baseball team has toughened its way through the bad weather.



Swim team wins 3rd place at City Championship


The Patterson swim team celebrates its 3rd place win at the City Championship (Photo: Patterson Press)

By Christian Pietrowski,

The Patterson swim team set off to Coppin State University for the City Championship on February 10, 2017. When we arrived it felt tense. We were all very nervous but we did finish the regular season 6-5 (six wins, five losses), one of the best seasons the Patterson swim team has had in a while.

We started off really well. We held fourth place for the longest time. It all came down to the very last race, the 400 freestyle relay where each of the four swimmers swims four laps. We were in fourth place behind Dunbar High School by three points. We looked around and didn’t see Dunbar on the starting block so that’s when we knew we had secured a 3rd place win but we still tried our hardest that last race.

Coach Mahoney said, “It has been a fantastic season and I am very proud of the group of swimmers that we had this year.” Melvin Alston, a senior on the swim team, added, ”The championship swim meet was fun even though Coach made me do 20 laps for the first time in a meet, but it was fun. Not only did we win 3rd place, we beat City College, one of the top swim teams in the city. And its been a fun year with the team.”

The swim team is looking forward to another successful season next year.

20170210_164326      IMG_4296       20170210_164409

(Photos: Patterson Press)

Why high school students should play sports (OPINION)

By Christian Pietrowski,

In my opinion, everyone should play a sport in high school. Students should play a sport because it helps keep them focused.

If a high school student plays a sport it will help their grades improve because you cannot play if you have more than one “F” on your report card. This rule helps students because students will work hard to be able to stay on the team that the students work so hard on.

”After-school opportunities are enriching experiences for students.”, said Ms.Cook, a graphic design teacher at Patterson High School. “They are often the hook for students to stay engaged in school. They also provide hands-on opportunities for team-work and leadership.”

Senior Alvaro Flores added, ” High school sports can help athletes prepare for college and help them be seen and it can help students stay focused in school.”

Even if you are not a star athlete hoping to get a full-ride sports scholarship, getting involved in school sports can still be a fun and rewarding activity that helps you succeed in life.

Ravens player plays chess with Baltimore students

A screenshot from the NFL ad (photo: )

A screenshot from the NFL ad (photo: )

By John Dingzon & Amadou Bah,

A special chess event took place at Roland Park Elementary/Middle School on October 10, 2016.  An NFL guest, Ravens player John Urschel, came in and played with students from multiple schools, including Patterson, Dunbar, and two other schools.

The point of this event was to show that football players have hobbies besides football. It also gave the chess team a chance to meet a professional athlete. A TV commercial was filmed at the event; the NFL has spent over $40,000 for it to be prepared.

John Urschel is a master on the field…and on the chess board. He took on 50 of Baltimore’s youngest chess whizzes. It took between 4-5 hours to make a 30 second ad. Several Patterson students and Chess Club co-advisor Mr. Baron are featured in the ad.

To watch the ad, click on this link.

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